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Tesco Online bevásárlás

Tesco Online Grocery

Tesco Store's official Online Shopping application. The application helps comfortably to go shopping on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Android tablet devices. Customers can use home delivery, time slot booking, check the special offers, view favorites and more than 30,000 products available.

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Hungarian National Bank’s official application shows forint banknote's security features in an interactive form. Modern communication tools provide opportunity for the user to select a banknote and run a test method from the menu bar.

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A weather forecast application was made with Drukka Marketing. If you'd like to know what weather should you expect anywhere in Hungary – you need to search no more. This app will provide you with precicese weather forecasts, display weather conditions on the country's map, now in a comfortable way.

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Hungary's first Sever Observer application for iPhone and Android smartphones. The program monitors and supervises the BIX2's Virtual server, Server hosting and Server rantal services. The application provides server restart, console request and online helpdesk.

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Application was made with Drukka Marketing. The Clubinfo is one of the biggest party network in the world. Be up to date! Through the program the users are informed about the important parties.

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Drinking Contest

How fast can you drink a pint of beer? The application was made for iPhone and Android phones with Drukka Marketing. The program measures how fast you can drink, shows the current alcohol level, and rates it on top list.

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Social network site was made with Innovatix, used the advantages of Facebook and smartphones. The application display local places, events and the Facebook users nearby, whom are opened to know each other.

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What's going to happen in the future? When will love find you? In the application you can view your daily, weekly and monthly horoscope as well. The program easily defines your sign by your Facebook profile and tells about your future.

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Print On It

Print On It

Design and order your own gift with Drukka Marketing's new smartphone application! Upload photos from iPhone's gallery or shot one with camera and place them on virtual shirts, mugs, bags and click to order them.

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Be updated about speedcams with Drukka Marketing's application. The program shows the metering points by distance on the map and alerts when approached.

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